Get Involved!

The current Parish Church in Durrington has been here for 100 years although there has been a place of worship since 13th Centuary.  To keep a working church here we need everyone to help maintain the building.  

Most  people still look to the church in times of celebration and joy, trouble and sorrow;  but without the constant support both financially and through our time and talents, the church may not survive. 

In 2014 it cost 

£964 per week to maintain the Church
£425 per week to maintain the Parish Centre. 

In 2014 the income was
£847 per week for the Church
£356 per week for the Parish Centre

That is a deficit of £186 per week!
There are so many ways you can help
and some don't cost you a thing!

Please come to our Community Café on a Tuesday, Thursday or Friday for friendship and a mug of fair trade tea of coffee.

Join one or more of our Community Groups that use our Parish Centre or Church.  More details can be found here

Come along to our social and fundraising events. For details click here.

If you are an internet shopper please click here to discover how you can raise £100's of pounds for St. Symphorian's Church without costing you a penny!

Maybe you would actually like to get involved in a more practical way.  how about volunteering?  There are numerous ways you can volunteer, for more details please contact the Parish Office.

Could you support the Church financially?  If you are interested in giving a regular amount to the Church then please contact the Church Office.

Would you be interested in helping our regeneration project. More details can be found here.

There are also a number of links you can join.  We have a parish link with Münchberg in Germany. 

If you have any ideas which may help us to get rid of our deficit please email us 

Thank you for getting involved