The Parish Church of St. Symphorian, Durrington
from  13th  Century  to  the  modern  day
in ten milestones

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The church remained much the same, with regular acts of worship, until the 1660's when the parish became caught up in the Civil War. The Rev. William Stanley was an ardent politician on the Royalist side whilst most of his parishioners were Cromwellians. Around 1643, the Chapel was partially demolished by the inhabitants of Durrington who naturally did not see eye-to-eye with their incumbent. This is a somewhat drastic way to register your displeasure towards the local Vicar! Things went from bad to worse in the years that followed, it was suggested that the Vicar neglected his duties and that he reviled the people of Durrington and spoke maliciously to them when they came to worship, and the poor were constrained by threats and fears.

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