St. Symphorian's Pram and Toddler Group

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During each session we offer a varied range of activities for you and your children to share. We hope you will both enjoy discovering new skills and learning together. Try out new activities whilst sharing this time and helping your child develop physically, mentally and socially.

On entering the hall you will discover we have a wide range of equipment for your child to enjoy – we have more which we haven’t brought out!

Each week is themed. The themes can be anything from cars and lorries, to families, the weather, food and much more. There may also be some push-alongs, ride-ons and a seesaw for the children to play with.

There will always be: 

A baby area including a large box of toys, play gyms, beanbags, baby chairs and crawl mats. These toys are regularly washed and replaced to keep this a safe and interesting area for the babies and you.

Table top activities including playdough, fuzzy felt, chalk boards, jigsaws, inset boards, sewing card and cotton reel threading. 

Activity areas with varied activities including dressing up, books, farmyard, car mat, train track, home corner, pop-ups, ball pit, musical instruments and much more. 

A craft table. The craft will be based on the theme of the day. The children may need help to do the crafts, so please take some time out in the morning to share the craft together. The craft may be sticking, painting, sewing, making or gluing. We hope you enjoy doing the crafts together.

At approximately 11.15am in each session it is clear away time. While the children play with bubbles we ask everyone to help packing all the toys into the boxes and placing the boxes at the front. What happens now depends on the day!

On Tuesday mornings we have a short worship time in church. Everyone is welcome. The worship time includes songs, a short story / talk and prayers. The children and babies worship by rocking, clapping and dancing to the music. We finish with a procession around the church with musical instruments. This is a fun time! 

On Friday mornings we stay in the hall and do one or more group activities. These may include: 

  • Story time
  • Parachute games
  • Song time
  • Musical instruments
  • Nursery Rhymes


Please remember the children are to be supervised at all times and they remain your responsibility throughout the session.