Our response to advice regarding Coronavirus

The Church is changing

Public Worship has resumed

Sunday morning Mass has resumed at 10am, and weekday Masses on Mondays at 12 noon, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am and Wednesdays at 6:30pm

Please note we respectful request you continue to wear face coverings when moving around in the church and church hall environments.   

We also live-stream Mass on a Sunday as well as certain other days on our YouTube channel.  To access the YouTube channel please click here.

We will regularly continue to review advice issued by HM Government as well as the Church of England.

Volunteers to help those in need

If you are able to volunteer your time to perhaps help with checking in on people who are isolated or with picking up shopping or prescriptions for those in need please let us know (theoffice@stsymphorians.co.uk or 01903 268 109).

Keeping in touch and those who are isolated at home

If you are in a high risk group or currently self-isolating please do keep in touch with us.  Fr Robert and Fr Ian will be pleased to hear from you and to assist you in whatever he we can.  If you are in need of support of any kind or know of others in need then please do let him know and he will endeavour to help.  Their contact details are:

Fr Robert - 01903 694827 or fatherrobert@stsymphorians.co.uk

Also, if we don't have your contact details or you know someone else who would like to share contact details with us (especially to receive our updates or pastoral support) then please fill out the form attached here and return it to the Parish Office. Our emails can also be subscribed to by following the link here.

Prayer Resources

Please click here for some prayer resources.  Further prayer resources are available through subscribing to our newsletter.

You may also find the Universalis website useful which provides the texts for Morning and Evening Prayer as well as the readings at Mass which you can reach here.

You can also access the worship being livestreamed by clicking here to go to our YouTube channel.