St Symphorian's Pram and Toddler Group

All parents, grandparents and childminders are welcome to bring their children and babies. 

If you have a pre-school child, pram and toddler groups can be great fun. 

For £1 per family you can get out the house and meet lots of other people (mums, grannies, dads, etc) who are in exactly the same position as you – trying to entertain one or more young children.

During the session you can enjoy various different activities with your child.

Before very long your child will have formed friendships with the other children and babies and they will be happy playing together whilst you enjoy a sit down and making your own new friends!

Please remember the children are to be supervised at all times and they remain your responsibility throughout the session. 

We are open


10 am - 11.45 am

Play time

Story time

Sing & dance

Tea & coffee, juice, cakes and snacks are served in the Cafe throughout the session.

Contact us

Tracey and Sarah on 249102